Extra care for your hair this summer!

Summers can be a little harsh on your skin and hair. Especially hair and scalp tend to be the most vulnerable to the heat. So, it is time to treat your hair with some extra care to protect it from the wrath of the scorching sun.

Here are a few tips to protect your this summer:

Scarfs and hats

First things first, always cover your head with a scarf while you are out. This not only provides extra protection from UV rays but also helps your scalp to retain moisture. You can also wear a hat to protect hair from the wind, which is not very good for the tangle-prone hair.

Wash less

Though it is a common urge to wash your hair often because of the sweat and dust, it is not a very good idea to do it often. Too much washing would stripoff natural oils from the scalp. This will make your hair drier. So, cut down your wash cycle if you tend to wash your hair frequently.

No tight hair-dos

Putting your hair into a bun or pony or a plaits is, undisputedly, comfortable and protects hair from damage. But, make sure you don’t wear your bun too tight. Tight hair-dos might rip the hair off as it tends to be very brittle during summers.

Oil and conditioner

Before shampoo, massage your hair (and scalp) with coconut oil or olive oil. Then, wash and condition your hair as usual. This will help in keeping your hair moisturised and not greasy.
Above all, drink lots of water. You hair and skin will benefit immensely from the amount of water and extra fluids that you have.