factors to consider while buying a TV

Everyone wants to have a big TV in their house. But the point is, having a big TV is not enough because it might not work for you. Here are the eight factors that you should consider while buying a TV.

Check the minimum viewing distance

Just because you are getting a large TV at a low price doesn’t mean that you should buy it. You should take care of the minimum viewing distance. Measure the room and buy a TV according to it. Don’t buy an LED TV that is below 32 inches. You can go for bigger size depending on the size of your room.

Go for full HD TVs

Do not go for 720p HD Ready TV; it has become a thing of the past now. Increase your budget a bit and go for Full HD TVs that flaunts 1080p.

What should you choose between smart features and size?

You might be presented with a small TV with many smart features in one hand and a simple big TV in another hand. What should you opt for? Well, TV is meant for watching TV shows and movies, you don’t need to have many features for it. And you should note that you will always enjoy a bigger screen.

Why are you buying a TV?

It is advised that you know the purpose of buying a TV. What are you going to do with a TV? Depending on your content that you need, you will have to buy your TV. For example, if you only watch the movie, you can ditch the functions and go to a bigger screen. If you will be watching movies from a flash drive, then you will need a TV that can support almost all the popular file formats.

Check the audio quality

Having a good picture quality will not be enough if the audio quality of the TV is not good. If you are buying a large TV, go for a sound bar along with it. Or you can go far a decent channel bar.


If you are going to connect your TV to set-up boxes, then make sure your TV has all the essential connectivity ports like USB ports, 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI and other AV ports.

Don’t buy a cheap 4K TV

If you are going to connect your TV to set-top boxes, then buying a 4K TV makes no sense. Instead of buying a cheap 4K TV, save a bit of money and go for expensive television if you want to enhance your TV watching experience.