Syrian women forced to trade sex for aid deliveries

Women who are still recovering from the Islamic State (Isis) compulsive arms are still in trouble in syria. In the wake of the ongoing civil war, there is a fresh understanding that women are being sexually assaulted against humanitarian aid from various charities.

A new report has found that local men distributing food and other international aid in Syria have been withholding deliveries from women, unless they agree to give sexual favours. Voluntary service crews are unable to reach there in areas where there is still much tension in Syria. Under such circumstances, the responsibility of the United Nations and other organizations to provide assistance to the victims is given to the mediaters and local authorities.

Due to the ongoing bleeding, the people in particular have not been able to find the necessary food and essential commodities for women and girls. The local authorities and representatives of the Middle East have put pressure on the young ladies to take their sexual desires in return for their help.

This assistance is mainly for women victims. The BBC reveals that they are giving them the way they are. Three years before such harassment and harassment, warnings have emerged. The latest report, however, is still in the southern region of Syria.

Women are also jumping to free aid through international service providers for free moral activities in Syria. The volunteer delegates told the BBC that women are refusing to go to these help centers because of these inhuman conditions in some places.

Some young people said that they do not go to the supplier because others may feel that they have been helped with the help of the company. One employee claimed that some volunteers do not care if such outfits continue. In the survey of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) last year, it was reported that in Syria, governments were sexually abusing humanitarian aid in various areas.

Examples were given of women or girls marrying officials for a short period of time for ‘sexual services’ in order to receive meals. They took their phone number and brought them back to their home. Officials and representatives are seeking a counter to the assistance they provide, “the Syria-based 2018 report said.

The abuse was widespread across governorates in Syria’s south, and particularly affected vulnerable women and girls “without male protectors”, such as widows, divorcees and female IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), said the 2018 Voices from Syria report, which examines gender-based violence. A group of Syrian women in Jordan had been sexually abused for the first time since three years ago.

The UNFPA said no complaints were received on the two voluntary organizations that were involved in their activities. New policies have been introduced to prevent such incidents, as well as complaints from local authorities and training of local partnerships, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees