The Only Ab Workout You Need for Summer

Summer is officially here! That means it’s time to head to the shore, lie by the pool, and have one too many margaritas (on the weekends, of course). With all the fun you’re going to be having, we want to make sure you still find time to get your workouts in too. This quickie 10-Minute Ab and Core Crusher workout needs no equipment, so you can do this anywhere, even at the beach. People may look at you funny, but who’s going to have the flat stomach and strong core? Exactly.

The format of this workout is simple: You’ll be alternating between a traditional abdominal exercise and a core exercise. So you’re going to be targeting both the superficial (closest to the skin) and deep (closest to the spine) musculature of your core. Remember, your core is much more than just the “six-pack.” There are several abdominal and core muscles. It’s important that you train all of them as they support proper posture, prevent low back pain, provide better balance and stability, and work together harmoniously during all functional movements—from carrying groceries to flipping tires. So while we often get caught up in having better-looking abs, it’s important to realize that it goes much deeper than that (pun intended). That’s why this workout is so effective. You’ll hit everything in one quick, fun, and intense 10-minute burst!