Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination

Imagine this, you are in an important meeting at work, which started right after you used the restroom, but 20 minutes into the meeting, you feel like you want to pee, again!

Well, this can be quite frustrating and embarrassing as well, right?

If you are someone who has been in similar situations, where you feel like passing urine, more frequently than normal, then it could definitely be the cause for concern!

As we may already know, drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is a must, if you want to remain healthy. When you drink 2 litres of water per day, naturally, you will be urinating more, at least 6-8 times a day approximately and this is normal. However, if you are feeling like passing urine, more than 8-10 times a day and if there are very short gaps between the times you urinate, then it could be due to the presence of certain ailments. Normally, many of us may tend to ignore this symptom, as we may not feel that it is too dangerous. However, frequent urination could be a sign of certain major diseases and medical attention must be sought! Here are a few surprising reasons of frequent urination.

1. Too Much Liquid Intake Now, we previously read that one must consume at least 2 litres of water a day to remain healthy, right? Well, as we know too much of anything, even good things, could lead to undesirable consequences. So, if you are consuming more than 2 litres of water a day, along with other liquids such as coffee, tea, juices, etc., then naturally you will feel like passing urine more often. However, this is perfectly normal and safe. So, keep a track of your liquid consumption to eliminate the possibility of a potential disease!

2. Smaller Bladder As we know, anatomically, every person is different. Just like how we vary in height, weight, etc., even the way that our internal organs are made up can also vary from person to person. Normally, the urinary bladder of most people can hold up to 2 cups fluid, after which the urge to pass urine starts. However, in a few people, the bladder can hold only up to 1 or 1.5 cups of fluid, so they would need to pass urine more frequently than the others. A scan of your bladder can let you know about its size and capacity.

3. Dehydration Yes, this may seem like a surprising cause for frequent urination because if the body doesn’t have enough water, how can it produce enough urine, right? Well, contrary to this belief, studies have proven that when you are dehydrated, the urine becomes more concentrated. Concentrated urine can irritate the bladder and make you feel like you need to pee urgently, even though nothing much comes out!

4. Kidney Stones If you feel that you are drinking a balanced amount of water per day and you are devoid of diseases like diabetes, and yet, you pass urine more often than normal every day, then it could indicate the presence of kidney stones. Usually, this ailment is also accompanied with other symptoms such as burning sensation while urinating, pain in the lower back and pelvic region, etc. So, if you notice any of these signs, medical advice must be sought.

5. Weak Pelvic Muscles If the muscles around your pelvis or the lower abdomen region are weak, then it could lead to the loss of bladder control in many people. The pelvic muscles are responsible for allowing the bladder to contract and relax while passing urine. So, if your pelvic muscles are strong enough, then you will have a better bladder control, which means you will be able to hold urine a little longer and will not feel like peeing frequently. Practicing pelvic muscle exercises can help strengthen these muscles.

6. Certain Medications If you are taking certain medications used to treat high blood pressure, skin allergies, depression, etc., they could also cause the bladder to weaken temporarily and make you feel like passing urine frequently. So, if you are under medications for a condition, talk to your doctor about this symptom, so that the doses can be altered.

7. Cysts In The Abdomen Many a times, when there is a development of cysts of fibroid in the lower abdomen region, it could also cause frequent urination because the cysts can apply pressure on to the bladder constantly. So, it is always important to go to a doctor and get an internal scan done, if you have been experiencing this symptom for a long time

8. Low Blood Pressure If your blood pressure is lower than normal, along with other symptoms such as dizziness, numbness of the extremities, fatigue, etc., frequent urination can also be a sign. So, if you feel that you are experiencing the symptoms of low blood pressure, you must get the right kind of medical check-up done to treat this condition.